About Us

CleverInvesting LLC is a Registered Investment Advisor (CRD # 285779), registered in the state of Texas. Our Form ADV can be viewed on the SEC site. Registration of an Investment Adviser does not imply any level of skill or training.

Brock Erwin

Brock is an Investment Advisor Representative (CRD # 6721668) and owner of CleverInvesting. Registration as an Investment Advisor Representative does not imply any level of skill or training.

“I founded CleverInvesting with the mission of helping people achieve their financial goals. I believe that investing should be accessible to everyone. Through financial education, people can take charge of their financial futures. Conventional wisdom preaches portfolio allocation and diversification, encouraging people to allocate certain percentages of their assets into different classes, like stocks and bonds. With a bit more information, we can be smarter about how we invest, and not blindly put some percentage into each asset class. One great example of this is the bond market bubble that we’ve seen recently. Any increase in interest rates will cause bond prices to drop, so I think one needs to be extremely cautious when investing in bonds in the current environment.”

“Although my formal education is not in finance or business, my passion is investing. I’m always looking for the highest and best use of my capital, in order to maximize long-term value.”